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Jul 18, 2010 8:30am EDT
this was no california earthquake, the maryland geological survey said the last time we had a earthquake this big in this state, 1939. before that, you have to go all the way back to 1758. we were at the center of it all. >> reporter: the earthquake was exactly under your house three miles down. >> right here? >> can you believe it? right under your house. >> wow. >> reporter: they were shocked by the media horde that descended on their home. and shocked by the news that their house sits directly on top of the ancient fault that slipped and caused the earth to shake. >> i sat on my bed and thought -- i thought--i was expecting something else. i said, okay, i'll just go back to sleep. >> the 19,000 block of forest brook road is usually a remarkably peaceful spot. and vanessa perez first figured it was a car racing over the bump out front. >> the house shaked a little bit but this time it felt even harder. >> you guys went back to sleep? >> reporter: not a picture fell or a dish broke and molly the dog is about the only one who got worried. >> she was shaking. >> in three seconds you'll see it shak
Jul 25, 2010 8:30am EDT
detrick in maryland where cancer-causing waste was buried in landfills. >> these chemicals were bury in the 50s and 60s and did leach into ground water and they have migrated downstream and have gone off post. >> reporter: the environmental coordinator at fort detrick said the problem was discovered in 1992 and the largest portion of contamination came from this land phil known as b-11. >> we moved 3500 tons of contaminated material. >> reporter: now all six land phills in area b have been tapped. this is the liner part of the cap, they put it down to act as an umbrella so if it rains it doesn't get into the ground and spread into the ground water. >> i'm glad they're finally doing something. but they're 20 years late. >> reporter: randy white lost his daughter to brain cancer. >> she died in my arms. >> reporter: his other daughter battled tumors and his ex-wife has terminal cancer. >> the problem is not just the ground water, but we're dealing with the chemical agent orange. >> reporter: white wants answers from fort detrick. this group said they are trying their best to uncover ev
Jul 4, 2010 8:30am EDT
spies do their thing, we sent our lindsey mastis to a museum in brunswick, maryland, because we hear it may be haunted. yes, something strange is going on at the railroad museum. >> reporter: this is the sound of a ghost that is recorded with the mason 6 son paranormal society. >> there are evps here. >> reporter: that stands for electronic voice phenomenon. it helps investigators hear ghosts. >> it sounds like it says "have a nice day." >> reporter: some people reported hearing voices, foot steps, and even seen the ghost in a white dress. >> would that be a wedding gown? >> reporter: keller says most of the voices came from the second floor where historic items are on display. >> there is one thing that has caught object's aattachment. where an entity can attach itself to an object. >> reporter: curator listened closely. >> that makes sense because everything in this case here belonged to dr. j.d.f. smith who was a physician here in new brunswick. >> the elevator opened on its own six times on the second floor. he says it is probably not paranormal. keller says he tries to find reas
Jul 11, 2010 8:30am EDT
cancer rates are lower than in the statewide average in maryland. doesn't have more to suggest that there is a need for fort detrick's neighbors to be concerned. more could provide answers. >> no response from fort detrick. that community meeting was to be held yesterday. >>> the debate to add long distance flights to reagan national is heating up again. >> they are purchasing for congress. and more planes means more noise. we decided to find out for ourselves. we will find out how noisey it is. >> towards this this is the task force. >> when it flies further, it carries more fuel and it is heavier on takeoff. >> as is true. the majority of instances and recording audio books in the home studio says engine noise drowns out the birds chirping. but bleed through his sound proof walls. >> while it is solid construction and double drywall claims, there goes one right now, they are the worse. passengers heading to asks and california leak the idea of more cross country flights. >> couple more would be nice. >> at dangerfield island weigh caught them taking off at 80 decibals. >> tha
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4